SMS Services

Cost of service is an important factor that you need to consider when choosing an SMS Gateway Provider for your SMS application. At Plasma Web Design, you purchase a number of SMS messages from us. The cost for sending one SMS message is the same for all destinations.

Plasma Web Design is india's leading end-to-end mobile messaging services provider for enterprise customers.  Plasma Web Design empowers its customers to communicate between IT systems and mobile phones using SMS Services. Plasma Web Design provides a unique, end-to-end, mobile data service. Our Mobile Messaging Platform is capable of delivering SMS services to all CDMA/GSM mobile handset. We provide competitive advantage to customers through its mobile messaging services across India, Middle East, Nigeria, Romania, Sri Lanka, Lebanon, Caribbean Islands, Bhutan, and UK.  We understands specific messaging requirements of customers be it large corporate, SMEs and/or professionals.

Product Strength:
  • Masking/Sender ID (Customer receives message as Name not as number e.g. like BX-CBSSBI, TM-JustDial etc )
  • Real Time Reports – We provide Delivery/Pending/Failed reports.
  • 100% Secured Infrastructure and offer trusted Messaging environment.
  • Option of filtering and Non – filtering of DND (Do Not Disturb) Numbers.
  • Integration of Databases
  • Facilities like Scheduling, Rulers
  • We also deliver International SMS to countries like UK, USA, UAE, Singapore, Germany, Netherlands, Pakistan etc.